About Caribbean Ads

Caribads for Caribbean advertisement has the community at its heart. Our aim is to build a community where people could find everything they needed from all Islands: a job, a place to live, and some furniture to fill their place. What we have created is the first online classifieds platform to serve each Island and also Islands to Islands – a space where people could come together to help each other out in small ways.

What We Do

Caribads online classifieds site serves communities up and down the the caribbean, helping people find what they need most, affordably and locally. Caribads provides a platform for people to connect around a life stage, a need, a pastime, passion or interest, from new parents trading buggies and nursery equipment, to bike enthusiasts, fuelling their passion.

So whether it’s a buyer for that “thing” you no longer need, a new car to get you from A-B, a job, sofa or new flat, Caribads has your back.

Our vision & mission

At Caribads, we help make Best Finds happen. From great deals that save you a few extra pounds, to finding a buyer who will enjoy something as much as you did.

It’s all our responsibility to make sure getting a Best Find is always simple, easy, and enjoyable, so we can build a culture where people share more and waste less. We’re committed to building a recommerce culture in the Caribbean. We believe it’s good for business, for society and for the planet.

We help make Best Finds happen because we believe everything can find new purpose.

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